Spectacular species he has discovered and named!

Raymond Hoser is the world's foremost reptile expert!
He has discovered and named more species of snake than any person alive!
He has discovered and named more species of lizard than any person alive!
He has discovered and named more species of turtle than any person alive!
He has discovered and named more species of crocodile than anyone else alive!
He has discovered and named more species of frog in Australia than anyone else in history!
Add to that some species of fish, mammals and a few other bits and pieces and it is easy to see that the Snakeman is a scientific eco-powerhouse.
On this page are photos of some of the better-known species he has discovered and named.
But because he has named over 1,800 family, genera and species, only a fraction are shown here.
Some of these critters really are spectacular!

Images are below the names of them

Hoser's Python Leiopython hoserae Hoser, 2000

Papuan Carpet Python Morelia harrisoni Hoser, 2000

Eastern Pygmy King Brown Snake Cannia pailsei Hoser, 1998

Papuan Pygmy King Brown Snake Cannia rossignolii Hoser, 2000

Territory Mainland Pygmy King Brown Snake Cannia hoserae Hoser, 2013

South Wet Tropics Rough-scaled Snake Tropidechis sadlieri Hoser, 2003

South Pilbara Death Adder Acanthophis wellsei Hoser, 1998

Dick Shearim's Burrowing Snake Brachyurophis richardshearimi Hoser, 2020

The Bigmore's Rock Monitor Worrellisaurus bigmoreum Hoser, 2018

Makhans Rock Monitor Worrellisaurus makhani Hoser, 2013

Hoser's spikey skink Silubosaurus (or Egernia) hoserae Hoser, 2018

Mensforth's Gecko Underwoodisaurus mensforthi Hoser, 2016

Eastern Broad-shelled Turtle Supremechelys duboisi Hoser, 2014

Hoser's River Frog Mixophyes hoserae Hoser, 2020

Hoser's Froglet Paracrinia lenhoseri Hoser, 2020

Remember, Raymond Hoser has discovered and named species from all over the planet! Want to know more?
Download the entire list of Hoser taxonomy papers (dated 16 Aug 2021), list of named taxa, type material, type localities and more at this link!

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